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discontinued LTech LT-858-5A 4 channels RGBW LED DMX512-PWM decoder

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LT-858-5A was discontinued

Made in Zhuhai of China, reliable quality with 5 years warranty, genuine version, not copycat

Direct from factory, good price, we are the distributor of LTech LED controllers

RGBW quad colors control

The 4 channels DMX512 RGBA or RGBW decoder will drive any of our RGB flexible strip lighting with the added

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LT-858-5A was discontinued

4CH CV DMX Decoder LT-858-5A

Input signal DMX512
Input power DC12V~DC24V
Max load current 5A ×4CH Max 20A
Max output power 240W/480W(12V/24V)
DMX512 socket RJ45
Dimming range 0~100%
Working temperature -30℃~65℃
Dimension L175×W42×H33(mm)
Package Size L183×W48×H41(mm)
Weight (G.W) 310g

DMX Decoder adopted the advanced micro-electronic control technology to convert universal DMX512/1990 digital signal to CC/CV PWM signal to drive LED, which controlled by DMX512 console, realize 0-100% brightness or various changing effect. And can control single color, dupi-color, RGB, RGBY, RGBW, RGBA LED lights.

Have excellent performance:

16-bit dimming curve.

Frame rate is as high as 850 frames per second.

Built-in protection circuit of resistance to lighting stroke and ESD static electricity.


Shell baking finish

High class, Good quality

Shell baking finish, use the same supplier as Dell computer case.


RJ45 connection, simple and easy


RJ45 interface for DMX signal input/output; Use RJ45 cables for connection between DMX console and decoder, connection between decoders. Convenient cable wiring.


16-bit Dimming Curve

Deep Dimming

0-100% PWM dimming, accord with the sense of human eyes, more comfortable and natural lighting experience, suitable for TV shooting.

Dimming--more natural
Coloring--more vivid
Changing effects--more smooth


850 frames per second for frame rate

Higher processing

High-speed data process for the console, up to 850 frames per second.


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