90W UFO high power LED aquarium light

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Model: LA-90

Made in Shenzhen, reliable quality

Direct from factory, good price

Model: LA-90

Power: 90W

Actual power: 74.3W

LED chip power: 1W

Input voltage: AC 100~240V

Frequency: 50~60Hz

Current: 520mA

LED quantity: 90

Light ratio: white:blue 45:45 is default, all blue is optional

Shell color: white or black, specified white and black are optional

Luminous flux: 2700 lumens

Lifespan: 50 000 hours

Size: 270*60mm (diameter*height)

Net weight: 2.5KG

Gross weight: 3KG

Packing size: 340x340x140mm 



It can replace 3~5 times the power of high pressure sodium lamp, than the traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp can save 80% of the energy.

High photosynthetic efficiency, 90% of the light, can be absorbed by plants. However traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, only 8 to 10% of the photosynthetic efficiency.

Built~in cooling system, heat dissipation problems at work, can effectively reduce the product, guarantee product to normal use of time.

Use with thick aluminum plate to do substrate, compared with the traditional plate easy maintenance and heat conduction performance is better.

All materials ring conform to the requirements of environmental protection, the product does not contain mercury, lead and other harmful heavy metal material.

The shell by the iron of the lacquer that bake metal containing single 90 pieces of 1W light bead, high performance, low energy consumption, etc.

AC 100~240V input voltage, suitable for the world electricity use. Built-in power supply, no other equipment configuration, direct access AC 100~240V voltage can work normally, don't need a mirror and ballast.

Using high quality light macro Taiwan chip 1W LED light source, life up to 50 000 hours.

According to different countries and regions to configure different specifications plug. (e.g., American standard, European standard, national standard, Japanese standard, etc.)

The user can choose a more appropriate wave length scale to promote plant growth, plant we recommend is 1:1, all blue is available.



Widely used in the greenhouse, greenhouse cultivation, plant factory, flower cultivation, indoor garden, water soluble breeding, cultivation, farms, pipeline potted plant, spray, transformation, and so on. Any suitable for plant growth stage, and effective for solution culture or soil cultivation. 



This product is not waterproof, do not pour water, underwater, otherwise it will cause leakage or damage of lamps and lanterns to the human body.
Make sure when using the product under normal circumstances, the working environment of lamps and lanterns is 20~40 ℃, 45% ~ 95% RH.
Avoid installed in the heat source, hot steam and corrosive gas, lest affect life span.
Before installation to ensure that the installation position can take 10 times the weight of the product.
Please cut off power supply when thundering. 






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